The benefits of working with Netinium

Experienced innovators in meter management


Fast forward testing!

Shorter lead times mean quicker delivery of solutions to our customers. Our test team is proud to have extended our automated functional testing, reducing our total lead time by 20%.

Full test set within days
"Instead of having to reserve every fifth sprint for regression testing, we are now able to complete our full test set within days", says test team member Lars Hoppenbrouwer. "Our ultimate goal however is to release straight after every sprint – the Holy Grail of Agile development."

Testing against live meters
"Our aim is not to automate everything. The strength of automated testing is that it can quickly cover repetitive work with unfailing accuracy, freeing our experienced testers to explore real-world scenarios", explains Konrad Smuts, also a member of the Netinium test team.

In contrast to testing against simulated devices, we use the same live electricity meters as found in production, trading a percentage of potential speed for relevance. This trade-off enables us to answer the needs of our customers in less time, with increased reliability.

Try before you buy

Whatever promise we make, the best way to show you what our platform is capable of is by offering you a free trial. Connect your meters to our platform using our hosted test version.

Get in touch to request for a free trial period!

The people behind Netinium

Hans Jobse and Ferry Cserép founded Netinium in 1990. Hans is CTO and responsible for the technical innovation and operational excellence of the platform. Ferry is CEO and strategically involved in the development of both the product and the company.

Together with the management team and most importantly, the Netinium tech crew, they have created and keep improving the Netinium platform.

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