Add our head end software expertise!

Benefit from our investments in creating the ultimate head end. Save time, effort and money developing your own meter management software.

Benefit from our investments in head end technology

  • Empower your clients with a state of the art 3rd party head end: help them benefit from outstanding installation management, device management and data collection features

  • Focus on your (meter) hardware technology and embedded software development: exploit our head end software expertise and save costs on investing in your own IT infrastructure software development

  • Ensure future compatibility with evolving communication technologies when it comes to connecting to your clients' IT infrastructures

  • Garantuee security against fraud and cyber-attacks as we use cryptographic key management systems (for example the FIPS 140-2 compliant Thales keyAuthority®) creating a secure system-wide root of trust, scalable to support future encryption requirements

  • Enable your clients to include other types of devices into their network, allowing them to increase their value proposition into the smart grid and cities

Easy integration for you & your clients

  • Use our SDK to write your own meter adapter to integrate with Netinium or ask us to help you with your adapter development

  • Easily demonstrate your hardware to clients using our ready-to-roll Netinium hosted meter management environment

  • Smoothly scale up from demo to pilot to production or deploy on-premise



Why utilities choose Netinium

A meter install base needs maintenance and management to provide long during, constant flows of high quality data. With Netinium utilities are all able to ensure reliable and secure functioning of their smart meters, and other smart devices.

We have specialised ourselves in this technology and deliver high end features for installation managementdevice management and data collection features.


Why utilities favor an independent head end

Utilities are coping with a growing diversity in their install base. An independent head end provider supports the various architectures, devices and communication technologies applied in their multi-utility environment, als well as the differences in firmware updates (due to evolving standards and security requirements).

With the multi-flexible Netinium platform, they are able to create one single network infrastructure and gain from highly automated, uniform management processes across their entire meter install base.

Solutions and services for meter manufacturers

  • Support for full meter life cycle within current and future meter standards
  • Software and firmware design services, based upon Netinium dlms-cosem libraries and meter scalability design expertise
  • Standards meter review and benchmarking
  • Independent meter certification – proof point for compliance and future
  • Standard business software interface enabled (iec61968 cim), including mdm connection
  • Universal meter and communication support, allowing various types and families of your meter brand to be supported
  • Software design services for smart devices management

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