Smart meter based LV Grid Monitoring

Building on the strong foundations of the Netinium AMM+, we enable DSOs to manage their low-voltage grid using data from smart meters. This way, you are able to secure investments, increase efficiency and enable distributed energy recources.


Short term load forecasting

Maintenance planning based on intra-day prognoses

Remote outage analysis

Understand and control the extent of an power outage

Pro-active monitoring of PQ data

Detect early power deterioration and prevent outage

Automated line voltage control

Increase PV capacity without investments in grid reinforcement
Robotic Process Automation

Technologies such as Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Electric Vehicles (EV) pose immense complexity and technical challenges to grid operation. This forces DSOs to highly automate their grid monitoring processes in order to meet their SLA targets.

Our IoT cloud platform applies Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate your business processes and increase the efficiency of your grid monitoring.

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