Installation management

Installation management is one of the flagship functionalities of the Netinium platform. Flawlessly activating and integrating your meters into your grid, and then managing them closely, prevents re-visits ruining your business case.

Highlighted feature


The installation process dashboard

A high quality installation process is characterized not only the number of succesful and reliable connections being made, but also by the way in which unsuccesful connections are being handled.

Netinium automatically registers devices that are physically installed and trying to connect but cannot be recognized based on missing shipping files or customer information. The other way around, it highlights devices that left your warehouse but have not been installed yet.

Automatic log and progress updates
Yet, the best part is that this cross-check information is being logged and you automatically get updated once connections have been made successfully. Also, it is possible to recall information on installation and connection activities of every individual meter in your network. You are not only able to track your installation progress but also recall the causes of failed installation processes.

Other key features

  • Monitor the status of all smart meters from any brand across all communication networks  from a single operations environment
  • Robust, automatic installation processes support any installation scenario for single or multi-utility metering, resilience to out-of-sync installation flows
  • Monitor roll-out progress, installation incidents and device incidents for SLA management
  • Alert MDMs or other third party back end systems of events and state changes using industry standard IEC61968 CIM
  • Secure shipment file management with automatic import, update, matching, validation and security key management
  • Automatic discovery, installation, configuration, validation and notification of new devices
  • Fully automated meter exchange process, including support for multi-utility metering
  • Fully automated configuration process for replaced devices, including data concentrators, meters, slave meters and IHD’s for plug-n-play maintenance

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