Device management

Despite the many promises on the possibilites of big data, good analysis requires high quality data input (the garbage-in-garbage-out-principle). Proper, ongoing device management guarantees a constant flow of high quality data.

Key features

  • Drill down to every single parameter of an individual device
  • Find devices based on any combination of 100+ attribute types such as manufacturer, date of installation, firmware versions, device hierarchy, events etc.
  • Retrieve specific device configuration data for e.g. trouble shooting
  • Operate remote disconnect switch and retrieve current switch position from devices
  • View complete device history, communication history and executed past commands from first installation to end-of-life
  • See scheduled actions for each device
  • View complete security key change history
  • Automated security key management
  • Manage and configure devices and related devices remotely:
    reboot devices, synchronize time, reconfigure network addresses, update firmware of specific modules of devices
  • Remotely fix misconfigured devices
  • Pair and unpair parent-child relations between devices
  • Decommission devices and destroy all related devices that are EOL

Dynamite comes in small packages!

Read about how Alliander is managing its smart meter environment with only 10 staff members. This is less than half the number most utilities need.

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