The smart energy platform


Create space for innovation

Remain operational excellent

The unstoppable evolution from smart metering towards a digitised grid asks for a scalable and cost-efficient IT platform. A reliable platform that allows you to fully leverage the potential of all your digital assets.
Building on over 20 years of R&D, the Netinium AMM+ platform enables you to take control of your smart grid management via highly automated and uniform management processes.
Leading the way for you to take control of the ongoing energy transition by creating space for innovation to happen while maintaining operational excellent - side by side, in a secure way.


News highlights:

Customer highlight: Dutch teamwork

Our project portfolio includes an interesting cooperation between two of our customers.

Alliander / 5.7M connections

Alliander managing their current 2.400.000 and future 5.700.000 GPRS / CDMA smart meters for both electricity & gas.


Enduris / 400K connections

Alliander offering managed services to their neighbour utility Enduris, by concurrently managing 50.000 of their neighbours' meters for both electricity & gas through their platform.

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